$5,000 USD monthly with Google Adsense


1. How will i coach this ?
We will be creating a DEMO SITE together under your ownership and learn everything on the same website

2. How will you coach, skype call or text ?
Its a text coaching, so we can refer back, i will also create PDF’s so you can refer to them.

3. How long is each module ?
30 Minutes for each module as mentioned we will move once you have gained enough knowledge about that module

4. How much investment is needed apart from this coaching ?
Around 50 USD for all websites you design, not more than this.

5. How many sites should i build before i bank 5k a month ?
Well i have 27 sites for over 7 months now and this is when i started banking good amount so you can imagine it;s a good volume of work plus time investment BUT YOU WILL GET AMAZING RETURNS.

6. The site is base Wordpress or other?
Yes Wordpress based

7. If English is not my first language, can i use this coaching.

If your first language is not english, IT MAY BE ANYTHING, no need to outsource for content or any plugin, software or anything, MY COACHING WILL TELL YOU HOW TO GET UNIQUE ARTICLES 300-1000 WORDS FOR FREE.

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